Top Saw (9-in1 Pocket Wrench)
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The Top Saw Pocket Wrench has 9 tools included allowing you to work on any brand chain saw. It comes with a sheath for storage.

1. Large screwdriver for bar adjustment

2. T27 Torx for bolts on most saws

3. 4mm allen wrench for other saws

4. Small screwdriver (for fuel and bar oil adjustment)

5. Bar groove cleaner

6. 13mm socket (fits the bar nut on most half or full-wrap handle chain saws)

7. 19mm deep socket (for bar nut on Stihl saws and bar nut on other brands)

8. 16mm socket

9. Can be used as a file handle

  • Item #: 400TS

Top Saw (9-in1 Pocket Wrench)

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